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  1. thanks for the input, however, I've done it already for the Q series and it works fine, but not with the R16 CPU.
  2. hello, anyone here have experience working wireless communication to CPU using NAT.. i have connection issue from my pc to R16 CPU using NAT. while i keep working online, suddenly connection would cut off and i could no longer re-connect to it. i was assuming it be compatibility issue, but cannot confirm it cause there is no feedback yet from both vendors....
  3. Mitsubishi PLC Management

    Hello Versiondog Auvesy vs. MDT Autosave?? I need some inputs.. Cost, reliability etc.. i was task to decide which to purchase. Thanks
  4. Visi0n T3rminal Users Manual

    Thanks all for the advice. 
  5. Visi0n T3rminal Users Manual

    Hello looking for Visi0n terminal users manual for ""XG-7ooo"". cant DL it from site unless provided with product S/N.  Thanks
  6. yes i can access NAT network via local.
  7. sorry, I misunderstood.  Wired connection via the network--> ping not OK Wired connection via local(direct to NAT)--> ping is OK
  8. i can only ping it via wired. 
  9. The NATR im trying to access is wired directly to the company's Network. And my device(my PC) is connected to that network via WI-FI. I want my PC to connect to that NATR through that Network via WI-FI. or am I doing it wrong. this is new assignment to me btw. thanks for the reply.
  10. Need help!! I having trouble connecting through public/private (wireless) on my NAT device remotely, seems that not all laptop can connect through wireless, cuz, i can successfully connect using my colleagues devices( few others cannot as well). is there any particular setting required for a my hardware? IT already have done many things, like updating my Firmware, updates, etc. thanks    
  11. Cannot Read Program File_GXworks2

  12. Cannot Read Program File_GXworks2

    Yes Im using licensed version. I forgot to mention, during READ, I can only see the 'Parameter's and 'Device Comment' but no 'Program file'.
  13. Hello Im trying to read from my PLC but i cannot see the program file.  However, if i try to compare it using other file program, i could see the program file. Is their any restriction in my software?
  14. Can anyone recommend Version control software for storage and history tracking? I'm working with Mitsubishi PLC and OMRON. thanks.
  15. Outputs/Coils will not turn on

    Thank you, Panic Mode, Its still a program scan issue, It's suppose to be place on the MAIN tree, rather I put it on the BRACH tree, where at certain case not scanned if product model does not match. thanks alot.