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  1. VM With Studio 5000, FTVSE, Emulate 5000

    and we disable UAC and disable the ENABLE_LUA in the registry  
  2. VM With Studio 5000, FTVSE, Emulate 5000

    Thanks for the reply, ya we just disable the firewall since we're always behind the sites firewall  
  3. VM With Studio 5000, FTVSE, Emulate 5000

    Well, this morning I decided to borrow the activations I needed to my virtual and then I started Emulate and I timed it and it took 5 seconds to load, before it would take almost 20 minutes and FactoryTalk View Studio took 5 seconds to open and before took around a minute and Studio 5000 took 15 seconds to open and before took about 30 seconds to open.  So I think that Rockwell Software has an issue with remote activations.
  4. Ok, so I was tasked with setting up a virtual for our development team to be able to use to quickly deploy projects hmi, emulated plc, and studio 5000 project together on one virtual.  The main reason for this is when we get a project, many times we have to wait for an available plc.  We have plc’s in our rack but they can’t be used because they are being used for other projects.  I’ve used the compatibility matrix that Rockwell has but my boss wants to stick with Windows 10 Professional like we do in most our projects but according to the matrix, it looks like having FactoryTalk View SE Enterprise version 10, Studio 5000 Logix version 33 and Studio 5000 Logix Emulate version 33, FactoryTalk Gateway 6.11 and RSLinx 4.11 (mainly for communication to the emulated plc) but in the matrix says Windows 7 and Windows Server 2012  is the best choice.  I’ve ran into issues with Emulate opening, it takes up to 20 minutes to open.  Our licenses are on a server and accessed using FactoryTalk Activation Manager and all the activations are there.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.