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  1. Ok. Thank you very much for the help.
  2. Actually I thought I could access them like "Local Label Program body name"+"."+"Label Name", like other plc software does, is that possible in Gx Works 3?  
  3. Hello, I am started working on Gx Works 3 recently, actually want to know if I can access local labels from other program body or can call them to other program body?
  4. How to use RTU_Master ?

    Nexgenie 2000 is a product of Mitsubishi but it sold in India only.
  5. How to use RTU_Master ?

    Hi, is it available in codesys 2.3?
  6. How to use RTU_Master ?

    I am using Nexgenie 2000.
  7. How to use RTU_Master ?

    How to use RTU_Master, Get_Bit_Mbus, Put_Bit_Mbus, RTU_CRC16 to process data from RFID reader? I want to take an RFID input an process its data to run a particular rung, any alternative option is also welcome. Thanks in advance.
  8. RFID Communication with Nexgenie 2000 PLC

    OK, Thank you very much.  
  9. Data Logging with GT Designer3

    What are the possible reasons of writing error in data logging?   Thank you.
  10. RFID Communication with Nexgenie 2000 PLC

    Can you tell me how can i use RFID with FX3u or FX5u please?
  11. RFID Communication with Nexgenie 2000 PLC

    Ok, Got it . Thank you.
  12. Hello,  Greetings everyone, I want to communicate RFID with Nexgenie 2K PLC via serial communication protocol (RS 422), I am using Codesys 2.3 software for the development, may I get any sample program regarding this or someone can suggest me how can I implement my program, Thanks in advance.
  13. Keypad in GT Designer

    I am trying to edit 10 individual variables. like 0 to 9 dec keys.  
  14. Keypad in GT Designer

    Yes, I am talking about GOT family. I think I need to develop code in PLC side.
  15. iQ Works Q & A

    Can I use Bluetooth Module With FX3u or FX5u Series PLC?