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  1. Hi gentlemen, I have I bottle capping machine and I'm reading the torque value from one of the Sureservo2 drives. As the bottles pass through the machine, I need to display the peak torque value and hold it until the next bottle passes through. This machine could run up to 100 bottles a minute. I would also like to display a 10 bottle peak torque average. Does anyone know of a good way to do this? Any help would be appreciated.  
  2. Dang, it wont let me upload anything. I will try what you suggested this morning, it  makes more sense now knowing the module power is internal.
  3. I'm using voltage, the drive is an old Seco Mentor ii dc drive.
  4. I'm trying to control the speed of a drive through a 1762-IF20F2 output and the manual has very little information on how to wire this set up. I'm not sure if the module has its own power supply but I imagine I have to use the drives power supply.   Any help is greatly appreciated.