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  1. A0J2 CPU

    Dear All, I need help to download program from A0J2 CPU Which program that i need ? Is there any interface from A0J2 CPU to PC ? What is the name ? I have SC-09 cable and Medoc software, But I still can not downloading from A0J2, Any suggestion for me ? Please help me. Thank you very much Best Regards Andriy Dwi K.
  2. Fuji MICREX-F PLC

    Dear colleague, Can you type what the letter in front of the plc ?
  3. Dear Colleagues, Anybody could tell me ? I have PLC 3 as a concentrator in the scada system. PLC 3 had 2 slot scanner that connected to another PLC (PLC 5/12 and PLC 5/40) and RIO 1771. PLC 3 slot scanner also connected to Graph desk PLC 5/12 and PLC 5/25 that had connector for DH+ and RIO. But PLC 3 could not communicating with PLC 5. Is there any device that i have to use for communication beetwen PLC 3 and PLC 5? Thanks in advance Andriy
  4. PLC 3 to PLC 5

    Anybody can help me for downloading program from PLC3 ? Thanks Regards andriy
  5. Fuji MICREX-F PLC

    Hi, What type of Fuji Electric PLC you have ? Thanks Andriy
  6. A0J2 CPU

    Dear all, I have tried to run my medoc ver. 1.64c software in windows xp. No problem to enter the program. So, I tried to create new project and choose A0J2 in the list and then "enter" The new project had been created. The next step was i choose transfer and then setup. In the communication setup written : PLC-system : A0J2 Bit Rate : 9600 Word Length : 8 Parity : Even Stop bits : 2 Station : 0 Port : com1 So, the computer comm. setting i set same as the software. Then i connected SC-09 to PLC and transfer from PLC to Medoc. But i'm failed. Any suggestion ??????? Thank you very much.
  7. A0J2 CPU

    Dear Sir, Yes I do, my Medoc Software can detect A0J2. But I run this program in windows-xp, is there any problem ? Any communication setting in the PC and Software ? What should i do ? If I have GX-Developer software, Is this software could use for A0J2 ? B'cause my friend told that it can be used with setting A0J2H type CPU in the software, is that right ? Thank You for your attention Best Regards Andriy Dwi K.