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  1. Hi, Thanks to you both.  I see what I need to do now.  In trying it today it looks like I need to stop the PLC in order to make a hardware modification to clear this error.  Is this true even though the rail has power?
  2. Hi, Have on older Quantum PLC that I am new to and had to change out power supplies.  We had redundant 140CPS12400 power supplies and one was failing in service and was alarming constantly to our DCS HMI.  Our local storehouse had the replacement 140CPS12420 supplies but found out from Schneider that both supplies on the remote rack needed to be changed as the new models do not play nice with the older ones. I replaced the modules successfully and the rack has full power restored with all modules happy.  The problem remaining is that the status of the new supplies in Proworx32 has flagged both supplies as failed and hence sends alarms to our DCS system that both have failed.  Is there a reset of some sort in the PLC program?  I looked through the program to see if there was a hardware configuration change required to let the system know of the new part number but came up empty.  I traced the ladder logic back to the STAT command from the processor. I am hoping that there is a reset somewhere that I am missing.  Everything if functioning normally but I would not get a failure alarm if one was to fail.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lee.