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  1. Hi, I uploaded a parameters from Micromaster 420 with firmware version 1.20 thru Pofibus and try to download the parameters to a new Micromaster 420 drive with firmware version of 1.31. My problem is that I cannot download the parameter to the new Micromaster drive because it will not complete the download process. Maybe somebody can help me. Maybe I missed something. Thanks, PRabbit
  2. Firmware matching

    Joe E., Thank you so much I was able to download 2 versions and the installation works good but I had to uninstall first the FactoryTalk Linx.
  3. Firmware matching

    Do I need to pay for V24? What is the requirement to download?
  4. Firmware matching

    This machine is on production floor and running almost 24/7. Is there any requirement to download lower versions from Rockwell website?
  5. Firmware matching

    Hi everybody, I just need help on how to match the controller firmware version with my software. My software version is version 32 and the controller that I need work on has version 24. Is there a safe procedure to do these without messing up the controller original program? Thank you. Onil
  6. Cannot communicate compactlogix

    The problem was caused by Omron software. I got help from our supplier's engineer. We uninstalled the Sysmac and CX-One software and the IP problem was resolved.
  7. Hi, I'm using a Studio 5000 mini, V32 to upload the program from a compactlogix plc. The connection is thru ethernet switch (6 devices locally networked including programming). The IP address range is 192.168.0..... I set my programming laptop IPV4 within this range but I can only see and ping 1 device out of 5. I've tried to communicate thru USB but still I cannot connect to the network. 
  8. CX Networking

    Thank you Michael.
  9. CX Networking

    Hi, I need to know on how to properly identify in CX-programmer if the networking used is just the normal ethernet using hub or ethernet/ip. Thanks. NCA
  10. Could not open file

    I got an answer from our Omron distributor. They sent the program to Omron for evaluation. Omron, found out that the program used to develop the project is specifically for Chn and the operating system used to run the program is called Kanji (first time I heard of this thing), somewhat like equivalent to Windows in Chn.
  11. CXP Failed To Create The PLC Memory

    Michael Walsh, Do you know of what's the cause why I need to re-install it? Nilo
  12. Could not open file

    I was able to open the project and its really showing weird characters - like ASCII. The program comes from the far east, where the machine come from. I cannot figure out of what is really the cause of the problem. I tried to translate it to English but the translation is way to far from PLC terminology.
  13. Hi, This is related to the content I posted yesterday (CX-Programmer). This time I started creating a new program from V9.7, PLC CP1H, USB connection, when I click the OK button I'm getting Failed to create the PLC memory. I've tried to create new program 3 times but to no avail. Attached is the picture of the message I am getting. The program was just newly installed. Is there a need for me to re-install the program? I never had a problem with the 9.6 on a different laptop. NCA
  14. Could not open file

    What version of CX programmer you were using guys? I don't understand why my version 9.75 cannot open it!
  15. Could not open file