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  1. Device monitor in GX-Works 2

    I found the reason. It is not because of any setting, thank you very much for your reply :D
  2. Device monitor in GX-Works 2

    Hi everyone. Is there any setting or trick in GX-Works2 that prevents us from monitoring device value? I have a PLC  program (Q series) and  I can't monitor some device value (D register) via Watch (device value not changes), Sampling trace or even MX-component (error notification appears). I write a small C# program to monitor and the value remains 0 (when monitoring via Watch, the value <> 0). Please give me some advices if you know. Thank you.
  3. thank you Gambit, I solved that problem by installing latest version of GX-works2 :D
  4. Hi all, I am studying how to control servo with PLC Mitsubishi Q-series. When I click Servo_parameter in Simple motion module setting tool, this annoucement appears.  Does anyone know why it appears? I tried reinstalling MR-configurator 2 but it didn't help. Please give me some advices. Thank you all!