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  1. Unable to conect to PLC

    Hi Check if you have installed the right USB drivers in your personal laptop. You can find them into C:\Program Files (x86)\OMRON\Drivers\USB.  
  2. Hi Try to change the NB's variable to Float type. Best regards
  3. Ping from PLC

    Hi If is not powered On, this bit should be FALSE
  4. Ping from PLC

    Hi I think that you can use the system variable _EIP_EstbTargetSta[Node] to check if the connection is OK    
  5. Fins commands through the cpu serial

    Hi I suggest you to use Multiway software to check .It's a very useful tool from Omron You can dowdload from this forrum: Best regards
  6. SFC Action Duration

    Hi Brickraid You can use the variable StepName.T.  In your example is FillMould.T (like this in your local program). If you want to use this variable in your main program you have to add before the program name ProgramName.StepName.T  
  7. Hi WKTilton Nice to heard that it was useful for you!!! I think that the reason is because with the setting ....Actual Position, when you get the Software Limit Error and you try to move to opposite direction, the axis is still outside limits, so the actual position is also outside range and you get the error again. Why it doesn't happen with the Hardaware limits? I don't know. But the most important is that you got the machine running as you need!!!
  8. Hi  Try to change (apply) this setting in the Axis Cofiguration. Let me know if this help you...