Crimson 3.0 "Page" List Selector

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About This File

I needed an equivalent to the Panelbuilder32 screen list selector for up to 26 pages with scrolling too, so I built one.

I thought it would be a nice thing to have access to for those of us who have a lot of PB32 to G3 conversions in our future.

It is built for a G310 and there are comments in the program files with some instructions for how to customize it for different lengths. Right now, it is set up for 50 pages, with a visible length of 14, but that is easy enough to change. My goal with this conversion is to make it as easy as possible for veteran operators to adjust when we replace the Panelview 1000, so I made it look as much like the PB32 object as possible.

EDIT: I should explain, to get the the page with the page list selector, hit the button at the bottom, 2nd from the left labeled "Screen Menu".

This app also includes SLC communications with alarming, and SLC error codes with complete text, and language switching (English and Spanish, but the Mexican flag icon was not properly saved with it, so if you click the American flag, it will disappear and switch to Spanish (machine translated!) just touch that area again to switch back to English.