Crimson 3.0 SLC Error Codes with Text

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About This File

This zipped cd3 file, built with Crimson 3.0 version 469.000, contains a tag (Status.SLC_ErrorLSW_Dec) which will display all of the error codes for a SLC.

The tag is set up with a multi-state format with 93 states to cover all of the error code texts as found in the RSLogix500 Online Help. For items that reference a slot number or a file number, that information is embedded in the text as well. You should be able to copy and paste the relevant tags into any application using a SLC, and then point the data source at your already configured device.

There are a few other tags including one designed to interpret the SLC keyswitch and mode.

There are a few other pages already set up for a Fault History, Active Faults list, and some Master Slides with dummy buttons on them that write to internal bits.

The device "SLC" is set up on the RS232 port with a DF1 driver set for 38.4k baud. If you need to use Ethernet or a different port, delete the device SLC first, then add your new device and name it SLC. This will take care of any tag reference errors. After all the tags are identified with your SLC on your comms channel, you can rename the device as you wish and Crimson will rename it throughout the application.

On the SLC Status page, the whole S:6 error code tag is set up as a data entry field (in hexadecimal). Writing a value to that S:6 address will not cause the SLC to fault, it will let you view the text for each value for testing and demonstration purposes. If you use these elements in a production situation, that field should be changed to display only.

Note the little flag icon on the upper right? That switches languages too. I did that with a couple mouse clicks in Crimson to do the whole database from which this file was extracted. Later, I went back and deleted the translations for the tag states because many of them became too wordy to fit neatly on the screen.

EDIT: r001: Added flashing indicators for each of the first ten slots that will light up when the respective slot generates a fault. If the slot is 31 (dec) all slot indicators light up and another text pops up to tell you that the exact slot cannot be determined. Improved one of the error descriptions based on online help at Added indicator for EEPROM Loaded on boot. Touching that indicator will allow the user to clear the EEPROM Loaded bit.

If there are any corrections or further enhancements or suggestions to make this file better, please do let me know. I love constructive criticism.



EDIT: I think you may find that the flag icon doesn't include the bitmap for the Mexican flag when switching languages. After I shared this file, I learned a few more things about how images can be stored relative to (or within) the application. My next revision will embed that flag icon in the application, add numbers to the slots, and not turn the processor "flashing fuschia" unless the SLC is truly halted (just 'cause the last major error word contains data, doesn't mean it ain't runnin' again...)