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Dear all,

I have a machine with CPU317F-2 PN/DP and i need to monitor 3 data blocks on a Mitsubishi HMI GS2110.

The manifacturer of the machine send personnel, who installed and configured CP 343-1 ethernet module with our

network settings. 

The HMI is using S7-300/400 OP communication driver to communicate with the CP module.

 HMI is pinging the cp module </=1ms, so the connection is strong and stable. No com errors both sides.

But we were unable to monior any of the bits or word in the data blocks. Not even I, Q or M.

The Siemens guy is claiming that all the data should be available for monitoring on the HMI.

He hookup his laptop to the CP and in his Step7 everything is visible, but according to HMI manual,

when OP communication is used, there should be PLC side monitoring permission for those devices.

The Siemens guy did not know anything about that, so he left saying, that from his side everything works.

We need to mnitor DB1101, DB 1103 and DB1104. 

Can anyone help me check the CP config and add those permission if needed. I have Step 7 and the machine software, but not much familiar with Siemens. I work with Mitsubishi.

Thank you all in advance and best regards.


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What HMI ?

What version of S7

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7 hours ago, glavanov said:


Mitsubishi HMI GS2110


If you mean Step 7... it's 5.5

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Problem solved.

The guy told me, that the CP module is in rack 0, slot 4, but the communication started working with rack 0, slot 2 set in the HMI.

I can see in Step 7, that CP is in slot 4, but the module is mounted right next to the main CPU.

Now i can monitor all the data i need.

Thank you everyone.

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