Connect Masterflex Peristaltic Pump with CP1L -EM

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Hi All...

I'm still having a trouble on Analog Input adn Ouput especially on it's output where I Connect a Peristaltic Pump to CP1L-EM 

I have 1 set of Masterflex Pump Drive Model 7557-02 and it's controller 7557-04. On the back of the controller there's a DB9 Port for communication with it's remote. Which i don't have the remote.

On the manual attahched, on page 3-2 describes the port configuration.  Is it possible to control it by PLC with it's Analog Output? I have CP1L-EM30DRD that combines with MAD44.

I've connect the Jumper Pin 6-7 and 4-5(From DB9) to digital output of my PLC, and 1-3 to analog output MAD44. I've read and do the manuals for the analog output, but the plc still can't read the masteflex. Or is there there something wrong or missing that i shoud do first?


In the program attached, there's also Scaling for Analog input, has i done it right? i also have try to use the FB that use in Analog Input like the example in the forum download section just to check the result of my scaling. there's a slight difference that makes me have little doubt on my scaling.


Thank you all...






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It looks to me like your range data is not properly set for the outputs.

Please review Manual W462-E1-08 pages 468 and 469.

Hope this will help.

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Thank you for reply gtsuport,

Hmm..I Think the range data is suitable..

I use 4-20ma for Input analog 1 for the pressure sensor = 800E at 102(For Analog Input 2 and 1) and the address in The PLC for Analog Input 1 is "2"

and use 0-10V for the controller of the peristaltic = 8009 (For Analog Output 4 and 3) I put the controller on the Analog Output 3,and the address in The PLC for Analog output 3 is "104".


Or have i calculate the range code is wrong? 

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I apologize.

I did not properly read your plc logic when I reviewed it.

Your values are correct.

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