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  1. Dear All, I've encounter problem with CP1L-EM direct ethernet connection. Suddenly it doesn't abble to select target ip address. I've previously have install thus type of PLC and didn't have this kind of problem. I've attached the picture, hoping to get an answer for this issue   Thank you all, Cheers
  2. Connect Masterflex Peristaltic Pump with CP1L -EM

    Thank you for reply gtsuport, Hmm..I Think the range data is suitable.. I use 4-20ma for Input analog 1 for the pressure sensor = 800E at 102(For Analog Input 2 and 1) and the address in The PLC for Analog Input 1 is "2" and use 0-10V for the controller of the peristaltic = 8009 (For Analog Output 4 and 3) I put the controller on the Analog Output 3,and the address in The PLC for Analog output 3 is "104".   Or have i calculate the range code is wrong? 
  3. Hi All... I'm still having a trouble on Analog Input adn Ouput especially on it's output where I Connect a Peristaltic Pump to CP1L-EM  I have 1 set of Masterflex Pump Drive Model 7557-02 and it's controller 7557-04. On the back of the controller there's a DB9 Port for communication with it's remote. Which i don't have the remote. On the manual attahched, on page 3-2 describes the port configuration.  Is it possible to control it by PLC with it's Analog Output? I have CP1L-EM30DRD that combines with MAD44. I've connect the Jumper Pin 6-7 and 4-5(From DB9) to digital output of my PLC, and 1-3 to analog output MAD44. I've read and do the manuals for the analog output, but the plc still can't read the masteflex. Or is there there something wrong or missing that i shoud do first?   In the program attached, there's also Scaling for Analog input, has i done it right? i also have try to use the FB that use in Analog Input like the example in the forum download section just to check the result of my scaling. there's a slight difference that makes me have little doubt on my scaling.   Thank you all...       07557-xx.pdf AD-DA.cxp
  4. Read EF82 Analog Sensor - CP1E-N30DR-A with CP1W-MAD44

    Hi Innoaloe,   If i change it to #800E..Then nothing happen(Picture attached) If I keep the #800 F the difference shown in the picture attached.   I wire it in Vin Thanks 
  5. Read EF82 Analog Sensor - CP1E-N30DR-A with CP1W-MAD44

    Hi Innoaloe   Thanks for the suggestion. I Have more question though: If i remove the MOV D104 D102, I will not get any result  If i don't remove the MOV D104 D102, I get a result but different result that appear on the LCD Sensor display   Anymore Suggestion? Or maybe I'm doing it wrong?   Thanks
  6. CP1E - Hanyoung NX4 Temp Controller

    Hi gtsuport...   Yes, I've looked over the protocol, but didn't there a chance that you might another method?  
  7. CP1E - Hanyoung NX4 Temp Controller

    Dear All, I need a help. I'm currently trying to connect CP1E with NX4 Hanyoung Temperature Controller. The temp controller is connected to Heater in the Output/Alarm 1.  If I connected CP1E with the NX4, how to read and control the temperature controller, I've try read the manual but couldn't find how to combine the CP1E with temperature controller other than Omron's.   try to search the NX4 manual, didn't find any info as well to combine with Omron PLC.   Can anyone help me?
  8. NB7W-TW00 with CP1L-EM30DR-D and MX2

    Hi Michael, sorry for the late reply, just read your reply. Basically I've solved it using all the resources(Manuals, Example) from this forum. I Changed the PLC that connect with the HMI NB, Instead of Using Modbus RTU Extend, I Use The CP1H/L/E. So for the NB HMI: Port 1 connected via RS232(Cable Crossed Pin 2 and 3 between PLC and HMI)  and for MX2 Connected with RS 485(Program it via FB)   Regards,
  9. Hi Everyone..I'm having hard time to read Analog Sensor. I've try to read the manuals about expansion module, but still having hard time to understand it. My PLC is CP1E-N30DR-A connect with Expansion CP1W-MAD44 and I'm trying to connect with pressure sensor Omron E8F2-B10C that in a certain pressure will trigger to open a Digital Valve. is there something wrong with my setting for range? I do the setting in 4-20mA (0-5V) I attached my Program and Picture while running, the program is only for reading the pressure sensor. the result is  -600 to +600, is there a way to earn the actual result? I've tried Scaling and APR, But didn't understand, is there a guide/tutorial for it as well?   Cheers.. Albert TEST.cxp TEST.cxp
  10. NB7W-TW00 with CP1L-EM30DR-D and MX2

  11. CP1L-EM30DR-D connect E5EC via RS485

    Hi.. I'm trying to connect CP1L-EM with Temperature Control E5EC and a motor heater.  I already set the temp. Control for modbus comm, I used the FB lib but I can't read PV, SV and write SV. Is there a specific address for the trigger bit and normal end bit c, Etc?    Thank you all and hoping find a solution for it. 
  12. NB7W-TW00 with CP1L-EM30DR-D and MX2

    Oh there's one more thing that i forgot to mention. In the nb7 i connect it to the model plc of Modbus RTU Extend, because if I use my original PLC CP1l-EM30dr-d i can't connect it to the nb7w-tw00 because in the nb designer, the PlC can only with ethernet while the nb doesnt have an ethernet port. So that's why i use the modbus rtu extend.  Does anyone can help me? 
  13. Hi, does anyone could me?  I'm trying to control MX2 with HMI NB7W-TW00 that connect to CP1L-EM30DR-D. I already done the programming in CX Programmer using FB lib and it works. But i have trouble when i try to visualized it's parameter through the nb7. The hmi only has 2 ports(1 for rs232 and 1 more for rs422/485). I connect the mx2 via rs 485 throught CP1W-CIF11 on my plc. And connect the NB7 via port 2. Is it because my addresing in the HMI was mistaken? Because i didn't understand clearly regarding to give the 0x,1x,3x, and 4x. I already read the manuals, but still don't understand it. Is there a step by step guide for it? Or any solutions that will help me.   Thank you all..