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  1. Sorry for my bad language english! There is a new FX3S. I want to change the baud rate to 38400 for send it via Serial-Port. ( 38400 baud, even, 1 stop bit.) What do the data registers D8116 and D8117 mean? How to calculate the data registers D8118 and D8119? Can you help me ?
  2. FX3S not responding to HMI.

    Hi guys, I am an Electrical engineer on a cruise ship. I have a mixer (galley equipment) that is controlled by a FX1S-10MR PLC. It uses HMI F930GOT-BWD-E. Recently we found the PLC to be malfunctioning and replaced it with a new one from our stock. The new one is FX3S-10MR. Now, when i try to increase or decrease the speed via the HMI, the PLC doesn't respond; infact, the inverter just maintains a single frequency. The PLC is "supposed" to be pre-programmed by the manufacturer of the Mixer. I have very less knowledge of PLCs and sorry if i come across as stupid. I have been reading a bit lately. Do you think it would work if i can copy the program (from the FX1S PLC of another working mixer) by using GX works2 / GX developer software and write it on this new FX3S model ? What will happen if i change the type of PLC of this FX3S model to FX1S (just speculating since it's working find with FX1S). Today i tried to view the program inside this FX3S plc on GX developer and it does have a program. I am clueless though why it's not working with the HMI. Kindly, provide me with some guidance. TIA.
  3. I could do with a bit of help  I am trying to control 10 frd 720 inverters over Morbus with a fx3s fitted with fx3u485ADP-MB adaptor. All wired up ok with Mitsubishi cable to their spec . So I think I have a problem with my code in the PLC does anyone have a working program that I can modify for my machine  Regards Smythe
  4. Fx3s plc

    Hi, all version gx work2 can support FX3s? Im using version 1 gx works 2 and currently got new fx3s-10mr/es w/out program..i tried to make new program but fx3s ot included in this software
  5. Fx3s

    Hi, all version gx work2 can support FX3s?