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  1. mrj4

    hi all, anyone can hep..i use servo mr j4.. now got error 121..anything can help..i read from manual error code but cannot understand..
  2. Fx3s plc

    Thank You Akahige. Now I can use the console.
  3. Fx3s plc

    Hi, Thanks for corporation. I got the update. Thanks again. Now I want to ask. I have a MD204L HMI. its use for setting timer for our machine request. how I want generate it/link it to my new FX3s. I making new program because the old CPU FX1s no backup program and total lost. I don't know how this console communicate with PLC. Can someone explain. Thanks.
  4. Fx3s plc

    any link for uddate this? currently I use 1.77F version..
  5. Fx3s plc

    Hi, all version gx work2 can support FX3s? Im using version 1 gx works 2 and currently got new fx3s-10mr/es w/out program..i tried to make new program but fx3s ot included in this software
  6. Fx3s

    Hi, all version gx work2 can support FX3s?