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  1. FX3S not responding to HMI.

    Trust me Inntele, I would have if i could have. For some reason unknown to me I can use my cable only to connect the FX1S. The FX3S doesn't communicate via this programming cable. I have ordered a new cable because it costs only 21 usd. Unfortunately, they don't want to buy a new software as it won't be used frequently. This is what happens when you don't have the correct tools. Anyways, thanks for your guidance. I learned a lot.
  2. FX3S not responding to HMI.

    Dear Wasan and Inntele, i have learnt a lot from the advise and links shared by you guys. I am on a ship so my options are limited. I have to make do with what i have, if that's at all possible. Now the situation is as follows. My GX works version is old and it doesn't work for the new FX3S. Dear Inntele, i used your link to download update for GX works but when i try to install the updates then it's telling me that I need to have a newer version installed on my system to be able to install the updates. So, probably, I have a really old version. I am using GX developer now. Anyways, this is the current situation : I have been able to upload only the parameters file from the old FX1S PLC by GX developer. When i try to upload parameters+program then the system is crashing. However, I was able to upload the parameters + program from the old FX1S on GX works2 (which doesn't help me as the FX3S can't talk with my version of GX works, but at least i can read this program). Also, i was able to upload the program + parameters from the new FX3S on GX developer. I compared both the programs and found that they are exactly the SAME. However, the parameters look a bit different, which i am also not able to understand considering my lack of knowledge. But as stated before, I have the parameters (only) saved from the old FX1S as a GX developer file. Now, i want to download only these parameters on the new FX3S by using GX developer. Kindly provide me a step by step procedure.  Edit ------------- I read on the internet and was able to understand the procedure of downloading program to the plc by using GX developer. I opened the saved parameters of the old FX1S on GX dev. Then I go to "Online > Transfer setup ...". Now, I have the same window that i have while i do "Read from PLC ... > Select PLC series > Transfer setup ...". But while reading from plc the next step is "Select PLC series" and i am not getting this option in the former case. It directly goes to "Transfer setup ..." and in transfer setup i am not getting the option for using "USB (built in)" option which is how i am connecting this FX3S. Any advise on how to select PLC series after opening the saved program ???
  3. FX3S not responding to HMI.

    Thanks Wasan and Inntele. I tried to follow your advise but have hit some roadblocks now. I am using GX Works2 version 1.91V. In the FX3S manual it says that the PLC is compatible with GX works2 version 1.492N or later. So, When i connect (by using USB cable), make the settings and press on Connection test then i get the message : "Successfully connected with FX3SCPU". But then when i press on OK, I get the message "The connected PLC type is not supported with this version". When i use the com cable (USB on pc side, the other round port on PLC side and RS232C male and female connectors coupled inbetween) then i get the message that there's some problem in the cable, power of the plc etc. What's surprising is that i used the same cable to successfully connect the old FX1S with GX works2. I was able to save the program+parameters from the old FX1S as gxw file. When i am trying to do the same on FX1S via GX developer then my system is crashing (blue screen on windows 7). Regarding the HMI, I don't think there's any issue with it as when i use a working FX1S PLC from from another mixer, it's working perfectly fine. Also, i don't have the software to connect the HMI.  Also, i only saved program+parameters. Should i save program+parameters+data ?? I downloaded GX Works2 Version 1.576A today from the Mitsubishi site. I can't understand which one is the newer version : 1.91V, 1.492N or 1.576A ? Considering 1.576A is the latest version, can i use the same product ID that i have for 1.91V while installing 1.576A ? Or, will i have to pay for it ? This is what i have now: 1. Saved FX1S program+parameters flle in GX works2. I can't save in GX dev as windows is crashing after i execute. 2. Saved FX3S program+parameters in file GX developer. I can't open the FX3S in GX works2. Please advise !
  4. FX3S not responding to HMI.

    Hi guys, I am an Electrical engineer on a cruise ship. I have a mixer (galley equipment) that is controlled by a FX1S-10MR PLC. It uses HMI F930GOT-BWD-E. Recently we found the PLC to be malfunctioning and replaced it with a new one from our stock. The new one is FX3S-10MR. Now, when i try to increase or decrease the speed via the HMI, the PLC doesn't respond; infact, the inverter just maintains a single frequency. The PLC is "supposed" to be pre-programmed by the manufacturer of the Mixer. I have very less knowledge of PLCs and sorry if i come across as stupid. I have been reading a bit lately. Do you think it would work if i can copy the program (from the FX1S PLC of another working mixer) by using GX works2 / GX developer software and write it on this new FX3S model ? What will happen if i change the type of PLC of this FX3S model to FX1S (just speculating since it's working find with FX1S). Today i tried to view the program inside this FX3S plc on GX developer and it does have a program. I am clueless though why it's not working with the HMI. Kindly, provide me with some guidance. TIA.