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  1. I don't suppose there is anyway to modify the popup Alarm Notification?  I know you can press the Acknowledge and get it to clear...most of the time, but it always seems to be right in the way when it does pop up.  I can move visual data to a different part of the screen that I want to see when an Alarm appears, but I'd rather be able to move the Alarm Popup or Resize it all together....   Thanks,
  2. IAG files & NA5 displays

    I am trying to use a couple IAG's I found but one doesn't work...Alarm IAG, the scroll buttons and line skip buttons don't work.  I get some strange error that I don't know what to do with. Also, I am trying to use a Servo IAG but I don't know where they are getting some of the display information to make the tags out of.  I tried to find some sort of IAG Description manual for it...but all I find is the IAG itself.  Do you know of any short explaination files for IAG's supported by OMRON?
  3. NX Safety CPU & 1S Servo STO

    It is through the STO inputs...….but I later found that my Electrician didn't get one of the wires in the connector all the way....  The other drive, he did not have the STO wiring going from the Safety Output Module to the Servo STO..... Thanks for the reply....got it working now.....
  4. I am trying to find the proper way to tie my 1S Servo Controller STO to my NX Safety CPU via Safety Output Module.....  I am looking in manuals that I have and searching OMRON site as well.. I am unfamiliar with Omron Programming in general but have had years of AB programming.....so I figure it will be similar, but I cannot get my Drives out of ST mode.... Thanks,
  5. I have discovered that "AlarmObjName" is the name of the User Alarm View object I am trying to control......but apparently the IAG buttons do not work with newer NA5 displays??   I get this when I press any of the buttons...  
  6. I am trying to use the "Scroll_composition_all" IAG that I found browsing the Omron Software section...…  What am  supposed to put in "AlarmObjName" in Properies of my NA5 (using Sysmac Studio)?? I figured it was just a set of buttons that would control the selection bar on my Alarms Display.... Thanks,
  7. NJ-PLC EtherCAT "Minor Error" issue

    Thank you, yes that will help....  With that bit of knowledge, I was able to find that "reset logic" in a previous program done for this company written by a former engineer, no longer employed here.. Thanks again for the help..
  8. Thanks again Michael....slowly starting to get the hang of this :-Z
  9. I have an NJ-PLC tied to several components via EtherCAT...one of those components is the NX-Safety CPU.  Customer had us design the system so that the NJ-PLC stays powered even if the Main Disconnect is pulled.  The problem I am running into is that the NJ-PLC will log several EtherCAT Loss "Minor Errors" when the Main Power is disconnected from the slave components....that in turn will not allow my NX-Safety CPU to run after everything is all powered back up again.  The only way I can get the NX-Safety CPU to function again is to manually clear the "minor errors" while online with Sysmac Studio. Is there some setting somewhere I can turn off to NOT monitor EtherCAT Communications loss or some other way around this issue?? Again, I am very novice at Omron programming, 28 year AB programmer.... Thanks
  10. Sysmac NA5-Series HMI

    Just to follow up on my own post.....  I have been told that my fault was due to the fact that I did not have the correct array name in my Alarm Expression for one; & two, I used [ ] instead of ( ) for the array elements in the Alarm Expression....which I did not know was a thing since you use [ ] everywhere else :) I had followed Michael Walsh's excellent example on how to use a Data Type/Union to allow me to use Bits in my PLC Fault Logic (as I was used to in AB programming), but I failed to notice that you have to use ( ) and not [ ] in the actual Alarm Setup :?
  11. IAG files & NA5 displays

    Thanks....I understand now what they are....
  12. Sysmac NA5-Series HMI

    Compiled my HMI file I am currently building in Sysmac Studio for my NA5-Series display.  Not finished, but I executed a Build and this is what I got....I have absolutely no idea what it means...... Thanks,
  13. In my research on NJ processors and 1S servo programming, I came across an HMI graphic that I would like to use.  There was a file download that I think had something to do with it..."Machine.IAG"..but I don't know what an IAG file is and if it even has anything to do with an NA5 display.  Is it a Graphics file I can load into my HMI program to use?   Thanks,
  14. I am desperately trying to understand the OMRON way of programming (28 yr. AB programmer) when it comes to Motion Control.  I am pouring over example programs and what I can understand in Omron manuals.....  What I cannot find is where you get all the bit level information from for individual axis....  For example, just a simple bit signaling a Servo Fault; I have a program that I have been studying and there is a bit with the variable MC_NailPunch_Station.MFaultLvl.Active, it obviously comes from the Axis "MC_NailPunch_Station", but I cannot find the reset of that variable anywhere in the program, in any setup....nothing. Is there a list somewhere of things like this I can use in my program for status bits etc.?   Thanks,
  15. That helps a lot, thanks.  Struggling with all the locations to you have to modify just to monitor simple functions :?