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  1. I don't suppose there is anyway to modify the popup Alarm Notification?  I know you can press the Acknowledge and get it to clear...most of the time, but it always seems to be right in the way when it does pop up.  I can move visual data to a different part of the screen that I want to see when an Alarm appears, but I'd rather be able to move the Alarm Popup or Resize it all together....   Thanks,
  2. Has anyone had issues using the Auto-Updater and Administrative Rights?  I am running Windows 10 Pro, 64Bit.  I need to update Sysmac Studio from 1.31 to 1.4.....when I run Auto Updater (as Administrator) I always get the error "Log on the PC as a user who has an administrative right when install" and it never makes it past the first module of the CX-One Update.  I even gave the issue over to my IT guy and he has absolute full rights to every nook and cranny on my laptop. I was told that I needed to allow the CX-One to updates as well since they share some of the same components. My IT guy even tried to do the "download" and install individual modules of the update and that still didn't work. Currently waiting on callback from OMRON Tech Support, thought I'd pose the question here as well....thanks.
  3. Software Update "Admin rights" issue....

    UPDATE..... Just thought I’d let you know I got it to work…..  I remembered an issue we had trying to install CX-One software a long time ago and went looking for notes on what we had to do.   I found a ‘work around’ for a ‘CXServer_Installation_Operation_Failed’ issue….  One option was to use RegEdit and change an entry called EnableInstallerDetection from a 0 to a 1.  Since the Auto Updater was trying to Update/Install CX-One Software first….I gave it a try….   My software is now up to date.  
  4. Software Update "Admin rights" issue....

    I wish I knew :?  The only thing I have had to do in the background with respect to OMRON software was to shut off some of the 'Services' in Windows as they interfered with some Ethernet connections with a different software package......
  5. Software Update "Admin rights" issue....

    Yes, I have tried that.  I have been told "it's a Windows thing", but you would think that my IT guy would know what to do......  I have asked a couple other Engineers at a customer's site if they had any issues and they did not :?
  6. I have been able to Jog the opposite direction from a Hardware OT with my 1S servos (using Sysmac Studio).  I reset the OT Fault and Job the opposite direction. What I am having trouble with now is, I have set Software Limits and I cannot Jog off like I can with the Hardware OT.  I have been told I should be able to do that, but it still does not work.  The fault returns immediately when I press the appropriate HMI Job button....which is the same HMI buttons and Logic used when I have the Hardware OT. Has anyone ran into this before?  It may be a setting I have not done right maybe?? Thanks,
  7. Jogging off 1S Software Limits

    I would agree with that.  Both drives moved so smoothly I did not feel the need to do an auto-tune.  But as long as this works with "stop to command position" I will leave it.  They "should" never get into that situation anyway.....but they will I am sure :) Thanks again for the help.....
  8. Jogging off 1S Software Limits

    Michael,  AMI, It all boiled down to what AMI suggested, "Deceleration stop for command position" in the MC Axis Setup parameters...…..  I don't know why.....  I wish I had an explanation…..  The Omron Tech I spoke with on the phone early on and even Michael....both said that they were able to reset the fault and JOG the opposite direction with BOTH "Decelerate for COMMAND & ACTUAL position".....where I cannot..... At least it works now, machine is shipping tomorrow... Thanks for helping out with all the suggestions...
  9. Jogging off 1S Software Limits

    Michael, download went faster than I thought.....Indeed I do not have the actual MC_Reset block....  I have ResetMCError instead....  I used a previous engineer's program and me not knowing enough about the Sysmac Servo programming, I thought this was the appropriate Reset block. I found the MC_Reset block and I will use it when I get back on my machine tomorrow morning. Thanks,
  10. Jogging off 1S Software Limits

    Michael, Thanks....I did not get access to my machine as I was told ( I will tomorrow morning).  My laptop is wrapped up in software download for another project so I don't want to open my Sysmac Studio until it is done.  I am pretty sure the MC_Reset is in the Diagnostis section of the program...I will look as soon as I can. So with your test there is no conclusion as to why my JOG function, in reverse, just immediately brings the fault back? Thanks,
  11. Jogging off 1S Software Limits

    Michael, I am about to access to my machine once again.  Just wanted to see if you had a chance to trying anything out on your end? I should be able to try some things in a couple hours. Thanks
  12. Jogging off 1S Software Limits

    AMI, I will try that most definitely....mine is set on Actual Position.  I did have the Omron Tech who tried this out use both and he was able to JOG the opposite direction from the Software OT. But I will try it as soon as the give me my machine back today :? Thanks,
  13. Jogging off 1S Software Limits

    I will be at work at 5:45am EST so if you have any questions, I will be at my computer at that time..... Thanks again....
  14. Jogging off 1S Software Limits

    So you got the file ok this time?
  15. Jogging off 1S Software Limits

    Michael, I have just now gotten home.  Work is shortening our hours and I will be working from home on a new design here in a few days.  I can answer questions if you have any....I should have grabbed my laptop and brought it home. I get into work at 5:45am EST Thanks again for your willingness to help
  16. Jogging off 1S Software Limits

    Try that one, maybe I did it wrong the first time....   McCartney, When it comes to Logix...there is an AOI for Jogging back off the Hard OT's.  You have to disable the OT settings and then JOG to clear the OT, then reset the OT settings... The Omron Tech I spoke with was able to JOG off the Hardware & Software OT in the opposite direction with no issue.  I have JOGged off the Hardware OT with the same logic that I am trying to JOG off the Software OT...just not sure why it is not working.  So Omron has the means for the "JOG the Opposite direction".  My ignorance of Sysmac Studio has bitten me again....
  17. Jogging off 1S Software Limits

  18. Jogging off 1S Software Limits

    There is another JOG block under those two rungs that I have just inserted into the program for a test (without using the HMI)….  I have not been able to try it yet as they have my machine tore apart until tomorrow now...….
  19. Jogging off 1S Software Limits

    here is the rung of logic that contains the JOG I use to move the servo off the hardware overtravel....also used for the JOG off the Software OT
  20. Jogging off 1S Software Limits

  21. Jogging off 1S Software Limits

    ...I don't mind at all if it helps out....it is a large program.  Get in touch with me if you need to ask questions about what I have coded. Thanks,   well.....it says it is too big to load on here....  send me an email and I will DropBox it I guess...
  22. Jogging off 1S Software Limits

    Anyone at all seen this before?  I have been told by an Omron Tech who tried it himself that I should be able to Jog in the opposite direction from the Software Limit Fault....after the fault has been reset.  I can do that very thing with the Hardware OT, just not the Software OT.  Using the same logic I use for the Hardware OT, the Software OT Fault immediately returns when I press the Jog Opposite direction PB... I know it will be something stupid I have done...I just don't know where else to look.....
  23. Jogging off 1S Software Limits

    Well I used to know Turbo Pascal, BASIC, C+ & Fortran as well.....that was a long time ago.  I can do what I can do in RSLogix but not so good with OMRON, that is why I rely on the good people of Mr.PLC….this is my first program in Sysmac and the job is getting ready to ship.  I should be able to reverse jog out of the Software Limit just as I can with the Hard Limit....but the error keeps returning immediately as I execute the Jog....
  24. Jogging off 1S Software Limits

    Yup...28 years with Rockwell...   That's what I would have done as well...