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  1. move the data between the value

    Hi welcome to this forum. You can use these command in ladder programming. This will solve your task. >= D500 K3000  & <= D500 K3100     out m1000 >= D500 K3100  & <= D500 K3150     out m1001       Thanks & Regards, Areeb
  2. Hi Everyone,  does anyone know how to convert got 1000 program to got 2000. I have got 2000 hmi  but program is on got 1000. please suggest me any possible soultion.   Thanks
  3. Hi @abdoon89 . Few days ago I am also facing same type of problem as u mentioned but I must say that u should attached your motor and amplifier of same rating. This might solve your problem. 
  4. Hi Everyone, I want to know some information regarding PLC which is installed in my machine.  SImens PLC: ET200S,       CPU: IM151-7   Please guide me which software with exact version is used for uploading and downloading the program from this PLC and I am facing some issue as the operator said that when he press the speed Decrement button it decreases the speed by one point (for example from 100 to 99,98,97...) and he need to press the button many times in order to stop the machine. As he said that previously  when he  press the button the speed decreased by 10 points (say from 100 to 90,80,70....). So my question is is it possible that this could happen itself or what might me the issue ??   Thanks  
  5. Distance in milimeter from Encoder pulses

    Thanks Everyone, @panic mode I thing Your suggestion is really helpful for me. Thanks !
  6. Distance in milimeter from Encoder pulses

    I only need the strategy for calculating the distance through pulses PLC is mitsubishi FX 3U and I have Delta DVP ES2 for testing.
  7. Distance in milimeter from Encoder pulses

    Yes it is cutting and labeling machine. needed accuracy ?
  8. Distance in milimeter from Encoder pulses

    I can explain my problem in this way. Suppose there is paper whose length is 300 mm and I need to label the tag  in the middle of the paper say 150 mm after every 1 rotation (360*/ 1000PPR) of the encoder. so here I need the distacne in millimeter from encoder to give the signal to my motor for label the tag.
  9. Distance in milimeter from Encoder pulses

    @kaare_t U are absolutely right but I need the distance (mm) also to give the signal to my motor so that It can cut the paper at exact desired length. All I need to know is the distance in millimeter so that one can easily set the distance by using HMI.
  10. Distance in milimeter from Encoder pulses

    @Gambit Yes I need to calculate the distance traveled by encoder, actually I used 1000 PPR encoder so wanted to used its pulses to calculate the distance so that I can give the signal to my motor at the desired length.
  11. Hi everyone! I need to calculate the distance in millimeter by using encoder pulses. Basically I need to give the signal from PLC to stepper motor at the desired length to cut the paper.  Following is the information  Encoder= 1000 PPR Encoder shaft diameter= 80mm  
  12. Hi everyone,  I want to upload the program from HMI  Touchwin (TG765-XT) but when I pressed the upload button it gives me this error "Lack Project" and can`t upload the project. please suggest me any solution for this problem.  Thanks