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  1. Help With Replacing Micrologix 1200

    Thanks I've got it downloaded now. I was second guessing myself because of the series difference and I didn't see anything specific about coping the program uploaded from one processor being downloaded to another. 
  2. I have a machine at work that has a failing Micrologix 1762-L40AWA Series B. I have a 1762-L40AWA Series C unit on hand. I have uploads of the existing unit and want to download the latest to the new PLC. I've been messing with RSLogix 500 this morning and looking online but don't really see how to do this. Can someone point me in the correct direction? I have no formal PLC training, everything has been hands-on and via the internet (forums and google). I've mostly worked with AutomationDirect sold DLs, DMs, and Clicks. Most of my work within RSlogix has been modifying existing programs and troubleshooting machine issues. I didn't think changing out a PLC would through me for a loop.