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  1. Will IC693PWR321 change out wipe program?

    I changed it out the PSU in just a few minutes and started the machine up and ran it. We have several setups with the 90-30 and Unico on Maxson RCO sheeters from the mid 90s. I've been pretty good with battery changes in my shop. Had to bail out my colleague from across the street a month ago when he pulled a battery from a Mitsubishi FX2C-64MT PLC after noticing the battery light was on. Took him a week for some reason to get the battery and in the mean time he had the machine powered down with the battery still out. Puts the new battery in and of course the machine won't run. I ordered the software and cable after finding a hard copy of the original program and was able to write and load it and got it back up and running. But it was a huge pain in the butt. What really sucks is that I had batteries that would work with it in my supply.    
  2. Will IC693PWR321 change out wipe program?

    Thanks Steve. Each rack does have a CMM301/2 module and there is also communication between the 90-30 and an old UNICO controller for the drives. Old and obsolete is pretty much the norm for here.
  3. Will IC693PWR321 change out wipe program?

    I have a machine with 3 90-30 racks. The machine stopped working this morning and I found that the power supply IC693PWR321 is bad on one of the racks. I will have a replacement PSU in the morning and will change it then. Will the program be wiped out preforming this repair? I've replaced bad I/O modules before but that's really all the experience I have on this platform. I bought Proficy Machine Edition a couple years ago along with a cable to try and backup the programs but never completed the task. When I came to work here there was suppose to be a laptop with LM90 loaded on it. I have the laptop but no LM90 on it and the floppy diskettes are damaged. I do have a hard copy of the program with a few hand written modifications.  Also if someone can point me to a PME tutorial or guide for the 90-30 that would be most welcome. I've searched online but haven't found what I'm looking for and the company I bought PME mostly wants to push me to upgrading the controllers IC693CPU313k Base 5 Slot IC693CMM301/302 Genius Communications Module IC693MDL240 Input Module IC693MDL645 Input Module 2 IC693MDL740 Output Module
  4. Help With Replacing Micrologix 1200

    Thanks I've got it downloaded now. I was second guessing myself because of the series difference and I didn't see anything specific about coping the program uploaded from one processor being downloaded to another. 
  5. I have a machine at work that has a failing Micrologix 1762-L40AWA Series B. I have a 1762-L40AWA Series C unit on hand. I have uploads of the existing unit and want to download the latest to the new PLC. I've been messing with RSLogix 500 this morning and looking online but don't really see how to do this. Can someone point me in the correct direction? I have no formal PLC training, everything has been hands-on and via the internet (forums and google). I've mostly worked with AutomationDirect sold DLs, DMs, and Clicks. Most of my work within RSlogix has been modifying existing programs and troubleshooting machine issues. I didn't think changing out a PLC would through me for a loop.