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  1. FX3U and FX5U Modbus RTU comparison

    Hi Clear.Mind! When using fx5u as master - do you know where to find each slave status? sm8500 ? Thnx.
  2. PLC Real number

    So, we talk about GID 7.04, Works2 or Works3 ?? For me GID 7.04 is preferable. And you talk about DEADD, DESUB, DEMUL etc - I found these operators only in Works3... OK guys it works even in GID! Depends on plc type. Thnx everybody!
  3. PLC Real number

    Guys, how can I use 64-bit float in Mitsubishi Qxxx PLC? Is there any library? Thnx.
  4. QJ71E71 +GOT16

    Solved. i connected through SWITCH. No direct connection, maybe cross-cable can help...
  5. QJ71E71 +GOT16

    Cannot connect Q06HCPU-QJ71E71-100 & GT16 (Standart I/F Ethernet: Multi). I Did everything as explained in manual but NO connection. No errors. Ping works! Port 5001. Maybe reason is - I can't open UDP Melsoft connection on QJ71E71-100 ?? Tq  
  6. Solved! Pres button S.MODE in the back of panel - power on! OS and project are clear now..
  7. I just want to use security (no user) at runtime. But when I wrote "operator authentication" module to panel - this feature stopped working! Cannot delete the module files from panel. How to factory defaults?? How to use reset button??
  8. Hi everyone! I can't start security function to visible/act my buttons etc. I have 2 levels 2 and 3 with passwords, but it do not effect. Simulator is OK, but real GT16 do not work! Is there any function I must write to panel? OS ver. 05.54.00. Tq.
  9. FX2N + FX2N-16CCL-M + STL-BT1 (+8DI)

    Yes, you're right. 5 - auto address mode. But I use 0 (156 kbit/s).
  10. FX2N + FX2N-16CCL-M + STL-BT1 (+8DI)

    No, Speed on master = 0, Speed on remote IO = 0. 5 - it's automatic speed isn't?
  11. FX2N + FX2N-16CCL-M + STL-BT1 (+8DI)

    Tried different DA-DA, DB-DB, DG-DG...........DA-DB, DB-DA, DG-DG. Used terminators and not. I think I tried everything ..... but I/O blinking... Wanna know - who configured STL-BT1 with GX Configurator ST ??
  12. FX2N + FX2N-16CCL-M + STL-BT1 (+8DI)

    Don't think it's faulty. I/O led is blinking and it waits for initialization, but my Q plc cannot initialize instead of request from Stl-bt1. And one more interesting thing - I have data RD led on and SD blink - change DA/DB (data in CC-Link) and have same RD led on and SD blink...... Maybe I have to do smth by GX Configurator ST via configurator port??
  13. FX2N + FX2N-16CCL-M + STL-BT1 (+8DI)

    First I used FX3U-16M and GX Works2 (1.98 C) soft with new CCLink library (CCLinkFX_GW2_V100) - didn't work. Then I connected CCLink Master with FX2N-48MR and GID 7.04 (library CCLinkFX_V200 and V300) - don't work. I took FB "RemoteInOut8bit" and there's no error code.... if you know there don't forces bit ReadStatus[1]..... Slave led L Run isn't ON. My configuration is only FX2N plc + master FX2N-16CCL-M and slave connected to master - thst's all.... In few minutes I'll connect Q-serie+master (Q ...BT11N) to my slave and try it... Played with QJ61BT11N as Master and STL-BT1 as slave. No result. On slave I have I/O blinking - as manual says it waits for initialization procedure. Wrote init program to Q processor as manual says..... stil the same....
  14. FX2N + FX2N-16CCL-M + STL-BT1 (+8DI)

    Err led on Master (below run led) is on, but error code I looked (16#668)=0.... I still do not know where to look for other error code....
  15. Hi! Read a lot here, but cannot make link this configuration. Downloaded sample program with library CCLinkFX_V300 for GID 7.04. Program Where am I wrong?