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  1. RS2 instruction

    You can trim the data..byte
  2. R memory is extension device addres d memory is plc device address
  3. FX3U to FX3U via wifi

    my point of view fx 3u is better 4ever  because fx3u support all functions transfer speed is more efficency in fx5u and fx5u is very slow online communication monitor and change take more times . fx3u enet module u can open 8 ports ..
  4. MITSHUBISHI gt-designer 3

    Please you select security level device address example d0  then select security level 0,1,2,3... enter password number then goto which screen you need password that screen open properity window then select security level... that's it.
  5. FX3U-ENET to GX Developer communication

    sir i am using fx3u plc with enet module i need send  and receive  data intiger values please shere with that program