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  1. VPN Advice

    Thanks for the information chaps. The watchguard unit looks like something that will suffice, and at a reasonable price as well. The recommendation that they have been used with the hardware I'm looking at is exactly the type of thing I needed.
  2. VPN Advice

    I have been asked to look into setting up a VPN connection to a clients site for remote troubleshooting. The main problem is I've had a search around and am utterly bemused by the different options out there, and wondered if anyone has done similar and can recommend some equipment. System is a Mitsi Q02 CPU with an QJ71E71-100 Ethernet card fitted in the rack. I would like something that would support the Native Melsoft connection for programming access using the standard windows VPN client connection. It would be a bonus if I can get at the E1101 also on the network. Any ideas chaps?

    Make sure you shut down RsLinx before you try, otherwise the license file on the PC is kept open and un-modifiable.
  4. It might even be something silly like the windows screen properties are set to a lower colour depth. If they are 8bit, you won't get the same range of colours as if you had 32bit.
  5. Panelview Plus and ControlLogix Tags

    It's not the case Bob, I've been using the program scoped tags on panelview+ units for the last several projects with no issues. Because we regularly insert code into a customers PLC for our systems, we shy away from adding all the tags to the controller scope and only add items that need to interact with the other systems on PLC. It's worked out fine using PV+, RsView SE and iFix5 so far.
  6. date and time stamp in logix5000

    Logix5000 has a variable type of LINT that you can select to be Time/Date format. This works on the standard clock format of 0 being 1-1-1970 00:00:00 and counting up from there. Not sure if your HMI would support this, but it might be worth a look at.
  7. Minimum bit on time for PV C600

    If it's only 16 bits (1 word), then a MOV #0 is fine. If it's more than one word, check out the FLL instruction.
  8. Windows XP SP3?

    RSEmulate 500 falls over as soon as I try to connect via DDE. I contacted Allen Bradley support and they told me that there is “an issue” with RS Linx and XP SP3. He told me that the only resolution was to do a clean install of XP SP2 (roll back doesn’t work).
  9. Micro 1200

    The terminals labelled VACDC are actually the supply connections for the relay outputs, hence could be either AC or DC depending on the equipment you are controlling. Just think of them as being labelled COM0, COM1, etc... Power consumption of a L40BXB on 24vDC supply is 40w as gleaned from the manual, so a 2A fuse should be sufficient.
  10. Creating a New Routine in RSLogix 5000

    Further Information: Hope this helps you out.
  11. Creating a New Routine in RSLogix 5000

    Your Logix5k License is just the basic one and doesn't include the additional programming languages. You will have to either upgrade the logix license or purchase one of the addon packs to unlock the languages.