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  1. MACRO MOVAPARTS, same ID, different screen

    Are you using a project macro for the movement?
  2. MOVD

    USE SLD SLD(074) shifts data between St and E by one digit (4 bits) to the left. “0” is placed in the rightmost digit (bits 3 to 0 of St), and the content of the leftmost digit (bits 15 to 12 of E) is lost.   Put 1234 in St and use ST+1 to view your data.
  3. FWRIT Question

    Tray @FWRIT.  I thinks you are executing every scan. and overflowing the write buffer.
  4. FWRIT Question

    D1 and D1+1: Number of Write Items The 8-digit hexadecimal value in D1 and D1+1 specifies how many words or  fields to write to file memory. What is the conterts of D1 and D1+1:?
  5. From PM this morning

    Hi Jay:                      I have been trying to modifying your Cx protocol Modbus RTU master cx protocol,   For the First part message send with fix message "010300060004A408"  Reading 4 register from 40007 to 40010   Now , I am trying to understand what you wrote "<a>+[03]+<l>+(W(1),*)+<c>"     My intention is to have a fix format of response message just like with start code and end code since i know i only need 4 register instead of "<a>+[03]+<l>+(W(1),*)+<c>"  The Response should be 0103AAAABBBBCCCCDDDD+CRC , correct? That mean, 1) <a>  is [01] Constant Hex in cx protocol. 2) [03] is the function code 03 3) <l> should be 16 bytes? 4)  W(1),*  can the wild card replace with 8 bytes of data? How can I have a fixed response for the like this  XX+AAAABBBBCCCCDDDD+CRC?
  6. Can you help me to configure BOMX NOR  Thank you for all.
  7. CX-D Alarm-Events History and Summary View File CX-D Alarm-Events History and Summary Submitter Jay Anthony Submitted 06/02/18 Category Tutorials and Quickstarts
  8. Version 1.0.0


    CX-D Alarm-Events History and Summary
  9. Need TIMER logic support CJ2M

    Use CNT instead of TIM. Use 0.1 second clock to count seconds.
  10. CP1E-N30DT with Hyperterminal PC

    Open CQM1 in CX-Prrogrammer and change the PLC type to CP1E.
  11. CP1E-N30DT with Hyperterminal PC

    Link to txd rxd prorams txd-rxd-quickstart-programs
  12. OPC & PLC Integration

    What PLC?  What style of hardware connection?  Need some basic specifications? 
  13. How to connect cx-supervisor to PLC Omron

    He'ill need a CQM1H-CLK21 module.
  14. Value to corresponding bit instruction??

    I like  gclshortt's  solution better. 
  15. Bob is our resident Old Phfart and I too share his frustrations with Sysmac Studio,  Sysmac Studio has yet to mature to the level of CX Programmer.  From one old Phfart to another.
  16. I/O not getting updated in one rung

    I'm betting on this this one... Search all progress for END
  17. Device Types, where are they?

    Tell us about the CPUs and their power supplies and rack combinations.  You are in Waco.  What plant?
  18. CX-Configurator CJ1W-PRM21 connection problems.

    This is a Devicenet slave, not a Profibus slave.  You need a CJ1M-DRM21-V1 master.
  19. CS1W-AD081-V1

    Make sure that the unit number(MACH NO.) is set to the same as the old AD081-V1 module. Make sure the dip switches behind the terminal strip are set the same as the old AD081-V1 module.
  20. OMRON C20H help

    This cable will not work with C20H, only C200HS and CQM1. Your only optjion is 3G2A6-Lk201 Hostlink.
  21. Industrial automation

    Pretty kool!
  22. How to download CPM2C-32CDTC-D

    What cable part number?
  23. OMRON C20H help

    This cable will not work with C29H, only C200HS and CQm1.
  24. Omron CJ1W-ETN21 Redundant

    Yes, Up to four CJ1W-ETN21 can be mounted to a single system.
  25. NT20S-ST121 - Permission Denied message

    This sounds like a programmed alarm message not generated by the NT20S operating system.  Get screen shot with camera,