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  1. CX-Programmer and CQM1H-CPU51

    Couldn't find it fast enough universal-cable-for-omron-9-pin-port/
  2. CX-Programmer and CQM1H-CPU51

    Use DB9 RS232C port and the attached cable pin-out.
  3. The default setting is Hostlink.
  4. There are no TXD and RXD commands in the program.  Therefore the RS232 display is driven by Hostlink protocol which is a master-slave command-response type format.  You need to be looking at all ASC commands for clues to how the display is driven (typically from DM's.)
  5. Desperation

    I think he just needs to understand how the HDM works.  He does not want to replace the S6. I am at the  doctors office and will get back on it when I get home. I have got the ladder halfway done.  Syswin is better for converting this one.
  6. Desperation

    Did you get your problem solved and are you trying  to translate to CX Programmer? ?
  7. Desperation

    Let me get some sleep and I will do it for you.
  8. Connecting CPM1 to KEPServerEX5

    C200H PLC does not support FINS Serial.  Use Host Link Driver.
  9. Need Manual for CS1W-CTS21 SSI Interface

    This is absolutely the instruction sheet for CJ1W-CTS21.  Please read my comments from above. 1634330-1A CJ1W-CTS21 HSC (SSI) Unit Instruction Sheet .pdf
  10. Start with these programs.  Change Operand 2 of TXD to #1000   TXD-RXD Quickstart Programs TXD_RXD_corrected (2)
  11. CQM1H-51

    I sent you the manual above.  Here is the Chapter 3 out of the manual.  To activate the system menu, touch any two corners of the screen at the same time.   NT20S System Maintenance Menu.pdf
  12. CQM1H-51

    Start with  these and then ask questions. CQM1H-MAB42 Instruction Sheet.pdf V020-E1-4 NT20S Touchscreen.pdf
  13. Need Manual for CS1W-CTS21 SSI Interface

    Ehat DIP switches?  I don't see any on the module. Here is the instruction sheet.   1634330-1A CJ1W-CTS21 HSC (SSI) Unit Instruction Sheet .pdf
  14. CP1H Communication HElp

    I think he is asking how to setup the new CX Supervisor PLC setup.   CX Supervisor PLC Setup.pdf
  15. Image and symble Library

    Use Shape library.  Also allows saving of your own custom bitmaps.   04 - Objects - Shapes and Bitmaps.pdf
  16. keep program runing on Omron Sysmac CQM1-CPU4

    TXD Transmit Operand 1 = Source word in PLC to transmit.  (Your DM0 must be set to the ASCii code to transmit) Operand 2 = Control Word which sets port number (#0000=RS232) Operand 3 = Number of BYTES to transmit less start & end code.  (2 is not enough.) AR8.05      = On when port is not busy Please use the original code in the sample program for CQM1.  Your settings are stll set to default.  Download the settings from the corrected CQM1 code.
  17. keep program runing on Omron Sysmac CQM1-CPU4

    The program you used was for CQM1H.  Please use program for CQM1.  Also please download settings..   Program for CQM1 has been added to zip file. http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/files/file/288-txd-rxd-quickstart-programs/
  18. NP Designer Software

  19. Send files to HMI using FINS commands

    Yoou must use FTP protocol to send files to the memory card.   FTPFunction.pdf
  20. Moving Data Memory

    Did you put this could in another section of the program?  Could  you have placed it after the END statement?  That  would cause it not to operate..
  21. Did a search on old files on my server and found this section on using PRO27.  Should work for PRO15.   sec3.pdf
  22. NB Designer giving "data reading error" on download

    I would  have never (well maybe not never) thought of that. 
  23. gtsupport is absolutely correct.  Set the mode to Hostlink.
  24. Then you need to change the settings on the CP1E PLC to 115200, 8.2.N to match your HMI. The cable above is correct.
  25. I didn't see where you picked that up.  From all posts, it sounds like FINS UDP.