NX-CIF105 Communications to MX2 Inverter

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I've setup an Omron NX102 PLC with two CIF105 cards communicating with about 40 MX2 VSD's (20 on each card). Generally it works pretty well. I used the attached document to set up the devices. The links on the document to the examples don't work, so I'm unsure if I missed anything.

My problem is that every day, sometimes multiple times a day the communication seems to die. i.e I either loose the output to the VSD and nothing will run. Or it all runs but I loose the feedback, as in I get no running signal even though the drives are running causing a fault in my program.

I'm at a bit of a loss as to what might be causing the issue. To resolve it, I put the PLC into program mode and back into run mode and everything is happy again. 


Has anyone had a similar issue or offer any advise?



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If you go to your IO Map and drill down to the CIF card variables there is a lot of troubleshooting info visible that might help.

Also - if you can detect a comms loss you can use NX_SerialBufClear to clear both buffers. As a last resort you can also restart an NX card with RestartNXUnit.

Have you tried playing with Flow Control and buffering?

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