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Dear Colleagues, I have developed a program where in i am using A-B Ethernet ActiveX Control (Asabtcp.ocx).
but now i need to use the licenced version, how can i get it and where can i get it.
I also installed RSLinks licences version, 

Please if anyone can guide me will be helpfull.

I am new to PLC so please help

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Welcome to mrplc.com.

I believe that you will find that asabtcp.ocx comes from Automated Solutions - https://www.automatedsolutions.com/products/activex/asabtcp.asp

and you will need to purchase the license for it from them.

It has been some years since I used the AS ocx, but I will warn you that when I was using it you needed to be careful transferring arrays.

By this I mean that when we used it back 20 years ago , the Rockwell OCX loaded element 0 thru element N while the Automated Solutions OCX loaded element N through element 0.

We had defined element N being "FFFF" as a trigger to process data , so when we switched to Automated solutions our code started processing data while it was still loading.

Quite a mess until we sorted out what was happening. 

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