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Runtime/Online Addition of Modules

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I'm currently researching Rockwell controllers for our PLC implementation, but there are some aspects I couldn't find in the manuals. 
I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide more details on the following:

①Procedure for Adding Modules Online:
In the manual "1756-um001p-en-p," it mentions the possibility of adding units online. 
However, I couldn't find specific instructions on how to do this. 
For instance, with I/O modules, I assume it's as simple as physically attaching them to the chassis using RIUP, 
but I'm unsure about the software side (e.g., Logix5000) and any operations required on the controller itself.

②Online Module Addition for Remote I/O:
The manual mentions that EtherNet/IP modules can be added online. Would it be possible in either of the following scenarios?

 ②-1 Adding I/O modules to the chassis of an existing remote I/O station.
 ②-2 Creating a new remote station.

Our investigation has hit a roadblock, and we're in quite a quandary. 
If you have any information on these matters, your guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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There were some buggy loopholes in older software, but in general, you can add Rockwell products to a local ControlLogix chassis, or remote ControlLogix chassis that is already in the I/O Tree.  You can add non-chassis generic ethernet devices.  I suspect you can also add products that provide a Rockwell-compatible Add-on Profile.

I'm not sure about adding a completely new chassis.  I'll try this in my lab later today.

Some devices that can be added on the run can be deleted on the run, too, as long as all of the code references to the corresponding I/O Tags are gone.

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