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I have a Siemens 4AI xRTD 6ES7 144-4JF00-0AB0. 

I am looking for a infrared temperature sensor to measure temperature of parts in a cooling chamber. Is it possible to wire a sensor directly back to this module or does it have to be through a temperature controller.

Many Thanks

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If the "RTD" in the part number of that input module means that that particular AI card is for direct connection of RTD's then the answer is most likely, "No, you cannot wire Infrared sensors directly to that card".  Nor are you able to take signal from the temperature controller because there is no known commercial temperature controller than outputs a resistance vs temperature signal.  The re-transmitting output of temperature controller is normally 4-20mA, sometimes a high level voltage, like 0-5V.  4-20mA and 0-5V is incompatible with a RTD input.

The infrared sensor market has models that output 4-20mA over a specified temperature range and then there are models that output a non-linear thermocouple mV output over a temperature range.   The thermocouple output is designed to be compatible with thermocouple inputs but it is not compatible with an RTD input card.

You need a different analog input card to handle an infrared sensor signal.

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