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I am working with an existing machine that has several S7-400 CPU and a handful of CP-413 Modules.  Connectivity is thru an USB to Profibus adapter and using Simatic Manager Step 7 V5.6.

PC#1 - IP Address A.B.C.171 can ping A.B.C.170 and A.B.C.172

PC#2 - IP Address X.Y.Z.N cannot ping A.B.C.170 and A.B.C.172

I located the Hardware Properties for the device at IP Address A.B.C.170 and the device at IP Address A.B.C.172 and changed both from "do not use router" to "use router" and setup A.B.1.1 as the Gateway since the Mask is and this cells core switch is A.B.1.1.

I chose Apply, and Save as I backed out but still cannot ping A.B.C.170 or  A.B.C.172 from X.Y.Z.N computer which can ping A.B.1.1.  No ACLs or firewalls involved.

IS there anything I am missing on the PLC side that would make the gateway not take?

Is there a tool to tell the PLC to ping X.Y.Z.N so I can test from it?

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With Step 7, you need to tell the software where you are connected if you want to bridge thru the plc. Assign a pg/pc in your project.


step 7 1.JPG

step 7 2.JPG

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