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Q and iQ-R series

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I want to know, if it is worthwhile to transfer from Q series to iQ-R?

Currently our equipment is using Q series, which ss a vacuum coating equipment with about 10 power instruments, 20 gas controllers, and pumps and so on.

As for the analog and X, Y points, Q is quite capable.


I can not see any advantage to switch to iQ-R, but some people want to.

So I want to know,

      1. will Q be outdated in the near future?

      2. will use iQ-R cost much more than Q? including peripheral units.

      3. has iQ-R really been widely adopted?

      4. thoug iQ-R may be powerful, I think use multiple middle size CPU's can be more advantageous,

             is this right?

Many thanks in advance.




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Q Series is at end of life from a production point of view.

Spare parts will become harder to get, and more expensive, in the very near future, and this process

has already started.

The IQR is priced very well, sometimes even cheaper than the Q on certain modules from my experience.

The IQR platform has been widely adopted, I use it myself for our project work.

We have moved away from Q Series all together.

Not knowing your applications, it is hard to comment on CPU selection.

As with any equipment of this nature, customers and their needs, drive development of any product, true the Q series is a 

very capable PLC, the IQR is the next evolution of a stable platform.

Many customers are future proofing their plant in the form of PLC selection and upgrades.

The availability of spare parts is a driving factor, more so than functionality.

Hope this assists






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