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  1. Please advise what model PLC you are using. I would check the system variable range as you may be trying to use a device that has been allocated to the system variable range. I have had the same waring come up in the past, and this was the cause. However, this is not the only cause for this waring to appear. Let me know how you go, good luck Colandra    
  2. Q and iQ-R series

    Ting, Q Series is at end of life from a production point of view. Spare parts will become harder to get, and more expensive, in the very near future, and this process has already started. The IQR is priced very well, sometimes even cheaper than the Q on certain modules from my experience. The IQR platform has been widely adopted, I use it myself for our project work. We have moved away from Q Series all together. Not knowing your applications, it is hard to comment on CPU selection. As with any equipment of this nature, customers and their needs, drive development of any product, true the Q series is a  very capable PLC, the IQR is the next evolution of a stable platform. Many customers are future proofing their plant in the form of PLC selection and upgrades. The availability of spare parts is a driving factor, more so than functionality. Hope this assists Regards Colandra      
  3. Q68ADI Analog Programming

    HMI.JR, what programming software are you using please. Colandra
  4. FX2N 4DA output

    Not wishing to be silly here, did you connect 24v to the module itself. I have had people miss this before. No power no output   Colandra
  5. FX2N 4DA output

    Second line should be TO K0 K1 D70 K4   Regards   Colandra  
  6. Mitsibishi Q restart automatic

    Monitor your PLC power supply. If there ia a spike or some sort of transient this can cause the system to shutdown and restart. May help, worth considering. have changed out the key components, and you still have the issue. It could be one of the other modules on the rack, networking module or analogue module would be the units to look at first. If one of these units are pulling the rack supply down, this will also give you the issue you describe. Also, if you have a large volume of VSD's in your plant you may be producing a high 5th harmonic. You need reactors on the incoming of the VSD units in question to reduce the system harmonic. EMC ration from VSD units in close proximity to the PLC can sometime cause issues such as described.   Regards   Colandra
  7. Q4A CPU

    A couple of possible reasons   1. The CPU battery has expired. 2. Base issue 3. Transient spike on the power supply. When you reload your software, make sure you do a PLC Memory Clear first to make sure there is no redundant code left behind Last possible option is the CPU has failed, but this would be most most unusual for a Mitsubishi automation product. The last thought for me is, and this one is right out there, but I have had the issue is harmonics developed by variable speed drives. If the  harmonic level in your power supply is high, usually the 5th harmonic, this can cause some very odd reactions with electronics in general. Just something to remember. Hope the above helps  Colandra   .
  8. fx-usb-aw

    To confirm Win 7 64 bit is fine we use pro though, never had an issue with the FX-USB Drivers Colandra  
  9. fx-usb-aw

    Attached are a set of driver files for you. This should help Colandra
  10. Coverting Q-A series program

    Uchihalila,   Can you advise please what A series CPU are we talking about and what Q series CPU are you intending to use. Also, which programming software package was used to generate the A series program, or you use to look at the A series program currently. Thanks  
  11. linear encoder

    Aakash   Attached are a couple of pages for you to look at.   Note though, if C251 is used X0 and X0 are already allocated to C251. You would need to change the counter to C235 and not use C251 at all in your program.   Rewgards   Colandra
  12. linear encoder

    Aakash First seven inputs linked to the counters in the PLC. If you check the FX3U programming manual, available from mymitsubishi, there is a table which indicates the input identification and the input purpose purpose. There are various types of encoders you can use of course. The manual also shows you the HS counters, and the various PLC commands available to you. There is no cost to sign up to mymitsubishi, there is lots of information there, manuals, brochures and even cad drawings. A very good site resourse site. I use the European mymitsubishi myself. There is a Japanese site, but there can be some translation issues. No cost for downloading the information you need. There are some good conversion, and selection tools available there as well. Regards Colandra      
  13. FX1s 30MT Problem reading existing program

    First of all the cable you have purchased, is it a dedicated Mitsubishi programming cable ? The normal cable one would purchase is a FX-USB-AW which has the protocol converter at one end. Not all off the shelf protocol converters function as required. With respect to software, there is a GX Works 2 FX version and indeed there was a GX Developer FX version available at some stage which was much cheaper than the full packages. I am in Australia, and I deal with Mitsubishi on a daily bases, and I know both the cable and GX Works software referred to above is available here, so I would be surprised if Mitsubishi Americia does not have access to it. Regards Colandra    
  14. Q50UDEHCPU Software upload

    Standard USB cable should be fine. There is nothing special about the USB connection. Are you sure all the USB drivers loaded with your programming software. What software are you using    
  15. Pump Running Hour

    Which PLC are you using