Ethernet communication CP1H with siemens s7-1500

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I have to make communication using Ethernet between omron CP1H and siemens s7-1500 plc.

I was thinking about Modbus TCP or Ethernet IP using theese adapters:

Modbus TCP - CP1W-MODTCP61

Ethernet IP: CP1W-EIP61

But I am quite new in Omron, and I am looking for some exapmple codes, FB.

Do you anyone have experience with that?


Thanks for all responses.

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The CP1W-EIP61 cannot be a master so the best option would be to create Tag Sets in the CP1H and use the Siemens as an Ethernet/IP master.


Here is the manual for the CP1W-EIP61. Section 2-5 shows a connection example using an Omron CJ2 as the master. Use the connection information from this example to populate the Siemens. You'll need Omron's Network Configurator which comes with the CX One package. You won't need any PLC ladder code to make the connection. 


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