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      I need to change an old PLC  with NX1p2  to control 3 servo motor by means of Analog Outputs couple with encoders, My job is to change the PLC only:-). So the servo drives and drivers are untouchable (No budget and involve too much mechanical works).


I observed that Sysmac Sttudio Axes setting has this: Servo Axes, Encoder axes, Virtual Servo Axis and Virtual Encoder Axes.


I believe the Encoder Axes couple with Analog Output is able to to do the Job? If so, what function block should i use? If no, do any body have a suggestion of any function block i can use?



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Encoder axes are input data.  Servo axes are output. The NX1P2 can do high speed pulse output (with NX-PG modules) or EtherCAT motion control.

But if you are using analog, you won't be able to set up servo axes or use the motion control function blocks, as this controller is not designed for analog output to servos.  You may be able to read the encoder from your servo and do some math in the controller to determine what you need for an analog output signal.  But it won't be using the axes settings.

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