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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to find a way to efficiently update graphic design and menus. We usually have to make changes to quite large GT Designer projects, something like changing the menu button design on every screen. I try to use the data browser function and try to filter the object I'm trying to change in every screen, but it's not possible to use this process in every case.

I tried to use the library and templpate functions, but this only works if I update the library and then insert those objects in every screen. Is there any option to auto update a template from the library? or a combination of the data browser and updating the objects in the library I'm not finding?

Any tips would be helpful!

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I think what you are looking for is the overlay funciton.

create a windows screen with a menu bar for instance. Make the size of the window the same a the bar.

Now you can overlay this screen on the base screens. So when you want to change the menu all you have to do is change the window screen and it is changed on all base screens  

I use this for title bars, menu's etc

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Aaaaah I think that's it, I was using overlaps and superimpose windows for menus and interactivity but not for "permanent" content. I see now that some of the examples in the documentation use them for this.

I'll test a bit to learn how to use them with layers and stacking order.

Thanks a lot!

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