Delta plc Communication Issue

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Dear all

I have DVP14SS211R series Delta PLC Which is having 24V DC supply voltage. I am using PLC as master and My end device as slave. My slave device set device_iD=1
I am using Modbus RTU protocol for Function code1
baud rate =9600
parity =none
Stop bit=1
data length=8

I would like to know how to send request with Function code 1(Read coil Register). i have attached code reference. Communication block it wont give error it shows 0 .means No error










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Hi, it's not clear what are you trying to do. First you say Modbus RTU, then you're showing screenshots of Modbus ASCII. It's not clear what is this My end device. Is this a VFD? If yes, what kind of brand and model? What kind of software you're using - WPLsoft or ISPsoft? 


I didn't get almost anything, perhaps others too.....

Please clarify what are you trying to do so we can help you.

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