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Firstly I have almost no experience with CC-Link so bear with me.

I have installed a Keyence IL-1000 laser sensor and have it connected to the DL-CL1 CC-Link module. The I/O currently used ends at station 33 so I connected to it and made the DL-CL1 Station 34. The I/O station designation is attached below. I would assume that the station I added (34) would be I/O range 880 to 89F right? As long as I use i/o within that range I'm ok?

Attached is the Network Parameters, the remote register starts at D2000. How do you know which register to use? I am try to get the sensor information communicating with the PLC (GX Developer)

Yaskawa PLC Software.pdf


6-1 CC-Link.PNG

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well that IS a possibility but ..the way i see it, that would break the pattern ... may want to check with client if they are ok with that, for example if they have existing logic that monitors all stations and uses indirect addressing for example. so deviating from pattern may ruin things for them and make them unhappy with you :-) 

as i see it, each station has head address that strictly adhered to a pattern:

0x400 is address range start for station1

0x420 is address range start for station2

0x440 is address range start for station3

0x460 is address range start  for station4


0x800 is address range start for station33

0x820 is address range start for station34



that would only work if each station is assigned 32-bit and - some of them do not. stations that take more than 32bit are assigned address ranges as large as needed. and station 33 takes space that would be normally reserved for stations 33,34,35,36 and 37.

0x880 is address range start for station38

so if it was me i would consider using address range you want but instead of calling it station 34, i would call it station 38




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@panic mode Thanks for the reply. Below are the station information snips I took. Some stations are 128 point. Would you still consider it station 38?

6-1 St 1-8.PNG

6-1 st. 9-16.PNG

6-1 st 17-24.PNG

6-1 st. 25-32.PNG

6-1 st. 33-40.PNG

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