CQM1H-CPU61 password recovery / Plc Backup Tools V6.0

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Dear PLC forum.

I have an issue with a customer who has bought some equipment with CQM1H-CPU61 installed.

In order to program certain changes the device requires the password. Both I and the customer have contacted Omron but the only solution from their side was to buy a new system.

As I have managed to find via googling the password can be recovered with Plc Backup Tools V6.0 software. 

Does anyone have the installer for this software and are they willing to share it with me?

Thanks in advance.


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We are not allowed to assist you with breaking a password on this site.

Omron should be able to bypass it for you if you can prove to them that your customer owns the rights to the program.  Otherwise you will need to contact the company that owns the rights and see if they can provide the password.

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