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90-30 Rack Modules repeated loss/gain

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With no hardware changes and no work on the system, rack 1 (2nd of a 3 rack system) started loss/regain of all modules randomly.  First I put in a new power supply (321) and that did not fix the problem.

Just looking for any similar history/advise.  Next, I plan to remove most common faulted modules for a while and see what happens, remove/clean/reseat rack connectors, try inline current measurements, etc.  Modules on rack are: (3) INPUT 24VDC NEG LOGIC; (3) INPUT 24VDC POS/NEG LOGIC; (1) INPUT SIMULATOR and (1) ETHERNET module.  System is almost 30 years old and all modules are original except for Ethernet, which is about 20 yrs. old.



2021-01-11 (5).png

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Since all of the modules in the rack are simultaneously dropping out and reappearing, the next most likely culprit is the baseplate and not the individual modules. Check also to make sure the expansion cables are tightly connected to the rack.

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