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Old Cqm1H CPU51 with NS11

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Hi , I need to connect a CQM1H cpu51 with NS12 I m not able to establisn the connection between them. Could you help me.


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Assuming you are using a serial connection:

- Do you have the correct cable? The cable diagram can be found in the NS Series Programmable Terminals Setup Manual.

- CQM1 serial port settings must match NS serial port settings. In CX Programmer, from the project tree, select 'Settings' > 'Serial Port'.

- For the NS, in CX Designer.... From the menu, select 'PT' > 'Communication Settings'. You'll need an item under 'Serial PortA'. Set it to 'PLC', 'SYSMAC-PLC". The easiest method is to use 'Host Link'. Default settings (in both NS and CQM1) are 9600, 7, 2, Even. Again, make sure they match.

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