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I will work on Q2A series Mitsubishi which seems to be around 20 years old.

And wondering if I can connect directly to RS-422 (25 pin D sub) (picture below) port on the CPU module? As far as I understand from the manual this port can be accessed only by a Mitsubishi programming module (Q6CPU)?

The only alternative I can see from the I/O Devices is that there is A1SJ7QC24 which I assume is used for HMI, in this case I could possibly connect to RS-485 or RS-232C channel (depending which one is free).

My question is by connecting to QC24 module would I be able to make my modifications online?




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You can connect to to rs422 port of the cpu but you will need a SC09 cable.

if you don’t have one you could connect via de QC24 module but you might have to change the dipswitches on the module and reset the cpu after.




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