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Hello there,

Today i have commissioned my first project with OMRON make PLC.

Model: CP1L-EM40DT1D. (CX-Programmer)

I have 2 built in 0-10V Analog Inputs on the plc.

for analog input no-1 i get the digital value of 0-1000 in specific plc register address corresponding the 0-10V. (Factory setup)

But today on site, i have noticed that some miner value of 0 to 50 is always coming and fluctuating very fast in that register, however the transmitter are genetaring 0.0V only (I have checked using digital multimeter with high precision)

PLC and Transmitter are already grounded and all the cable connections are tight as well.

so how to overcome this high fluctuating value ? is there any setting to filter the input ?

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