PlantPAx issue faulting I/O not visible on faceplate

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I'm new to PlantPAx, and trying to make sense of some new equipment at my plant.

There is a P_AOut AOI that will stop passing an input PSet_CV through it to Out_CV (to a 4/20mA Fisher Valve). There is no indication on the HMI of a fault. I've found toggling OCmd_Reset clears the fault and the valve resumes controlling again for a short while. In the P_AOut AOI I noticed the fault shows up under Val_Fault as 32 indicating a I/O Fault.

If I trace PSet_CV back to the previous function block diagram, it's from a flow control P_PIDE AOI. That seems to be where the faceplate is linked to. It seems to be a cascade setup. The flow control PID sends the setpoint to the analog output AOI. I just don't understand how the faceplate is linked...


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1st - I'm not a PlantPax person.

BAD 32 = Signal failure (out-of-range, NaN, invalid combination)


Found on Page 14 Here:

SrcQ - I/O Signal Source Quality


Page 18 has a programming example. Page 19 says that you should have a bad quality indicator if the error code is 32


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