How to konw what type of ladder programming language is support by the plc compnay

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Hey there, I have an "Italian safe CNG dispenser pm head". I googled about it and found that It is a plc board. So I searched how to program it. Then found it use ladder programming language. Now there are no tutorial or documentation about its programming. But I want to repair my damaged plc board. If I goto any technician they will charge a huge amount of money. So I thought I will repair it by my self. So need help about the software name its use and how can I program it. 

If any of you guys know about it please provide me your precious knowledge.

Use this printerest link for see my pm head(plc board)


Thank you (TIA)

Masud karim

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Never seen such a board.  No idea who the vendor is, so can't help you.

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