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Hi all experts,

I am LOGO! 8 PLC programmer, and now I am beginning to start SCADA developement. I want to ask which software should I install ?,

1. TIA portal with Siemens SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional & WinCC Professional 15.1 x64

2. WinCC RT Professional 15.1 x64

3. STEP 7 Professional 14.0

4. SINAMICS Startdrive 14.0

5. WinCC RT Advanced v15

Please excuse me if my question is not OK as I am beginning scada developement I know nothing about it and I can get limited software through my college programme.

I am confused too because I found that "Up from version 12 of WinCC the driver “LOGO” is available" and also "I think the Logo! communication driver is only available for a WinCC RT advanced , not professional."  in this post : unable-to-connect-tia-15-version-to-logo-8/185145

Please hep me so that I can learn SCADA developement with my LOGO8

Waiting for your fruitful reply,

Thanks and Regards

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I know Logo has changed many times, I used up to version 4, but back then there was no SCADA that could talk to it.  Those are not PLCs, they are programmable relays.  They were not originally designed for communication, just for simple logic and timers and counters.  Used one to run my pool pump, and used some for customers for basic sequencing.  I know they have grown up a bit, but I am not aware of any SCADA that can talk to them.

Might want to check the Siemens website for Logo and see what they say.

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