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Completely new to Mitsubishi PLCs and I need to use a date and time stamp for data collection purposes. We have a Siemens PLC as well and this has the data type "Date_And_Time" which is what I need to replicate. I have been attempting to write my own data type but am struggling with how to go about this as it is not straightforward and I cannot find anything about how the Siemens Date_And_Time is made up so I have nothing to go off.

Does anyone have an example of a data type they have made that is the same? Or is there a data type which does this already in GX Works 2 that I just can't seem to find? 

Please help!

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I think the first question is how you will data collect.

The QnUDV have a built in datalogger in which you can select to add the date time stamp.
If you need to log to a DB you can use the MES module QJ71MES96 which will do the same. If you have a GOT HMI (GT25) connected this can do the same job.

If you want to get the Date time in the PLC just use a DATERD instruction which will read the cllock element in a 7 word devices for 

Day of the Week


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Thank you! I will try the DATERD instruction and let you know if this works!:-)

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