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In a project I have four Progressive Pressing Machine. Each machine with different PLC like 

Mitsubishi 'Q00UCPU' with 'QJ71C24N-R4', 


'FX2N-128MR' and 

Omron 'CJ2M-CPU13' with 'SCU41-V1' module.

Now my task is to connect all PLC with KEPWARE Server through OPC-UA.

Note: There is no Ethernet Port available and existing RS232 port are all connected to all respective HMI's

In this scenario, I would like to know, do all the PLC that i have mentioned above supports OPC-UA through Ethernet if i add a new Ethernet module to each PLC. So the data transmission will be faster or else should I buy RS232 serial communication module to communicate through OPC-UA.

And also i would like to know, what kind of "Industrial Switch" will be perfect for this application.

Kindly suggest a best way to prove myself.

Thanks in advance

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No, None of the Devices yu have listed have an OPC UA Server Embedded on them. If they have Ethernet ports on them you would be able to connect to them with drivers in KEPServerEX However Serial Protocols typically only allow one master connection and that is the HMI's in your configuration. If the HMI's have the ability to server their data then you might be able to connect to the HMI's using one of the Kepware Client Drivers, this allows KEPServerEX to become and OPC DA/UA/XMLDA/DDE/Wonderware Intouch bridge.

I would recommend contact Kepware and talking to one of the Sales Application Engineers and they can help you determine what you can do. No support contract is needed to talk to them.

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