Tag conversion issue with RSlogix Project Migrator tool (rslogix5 -> rslogix5000)

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Hello everyone,

Working in Automation for the first time as a Co-op student so i'm fairly new to PLC's and the Automation field in general. I've recently been tasked with converting a RSlogix 5 program from an old PLC 5 project into a Studio5000 project. I referenced the manual (I'll attach link below), and had no issues using the RSlogix Project Migrator tool that I downloaded off the Rockwell website.

My problem is that once I convert the program, my I/O tags that were originally sequenced in octets(0-7, 10-17, 20-27, ...) from the RSlogix 5 program, are switched into a sequential scheme in Studio5000 that just increments them in order (1, 2, 3, 4, ...). I hope this make sense, but basically the first seven tags match between the projects, but then I:010 in rslogix 5 is equivalent to I[8] in 5000, I:011 is I[9], and so on and so forth.

Has anyone had this issue before and found a way to have Studio5000 keep the original octet scheme? I don't see this normally being an issue, but the customer has specifically asked that the I/O tag names be kept the same as the original program.

Thanks for any help.

- Ben


Converting PLC-5 reference manual link:

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Create new input and output tags and map the I/O to the new tags, you will need to copy the tag descriptions accross but this can be done by doing a couple of them and exporting the tag database and using Excel to modify the tag descriptions and the import the tag database back into RSLogix5000.



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I hate that tool, I'd rather copy and paste the rungs by hand.

I end up with a better product that way.
Also, you old word bit packers. I gots plenty of words for you.

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