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Hello everybody,

I am facing an issue with my GOT HMIs Performance at the Moment.
I hope somebody can assist me troubleshooting these performance issues.

I am using GOT2310 and GT2107 simple.
The performance issues are in different projects.
When I am talking about performance issues I am specifically talking about a laggy behavior during operation of the GOT.

I am looking for a way how to actually debug and troubleshoot the performance issue.

How to figure out what is causing the laggy behavior?

The 2310 HMI is actually quite busy I am doing quite some different things:

  • DDTs are active

  • Different loggings are active (one logging is logging every 100ms)

  • Multiple layers

  • Different scripts, some of the scripts are executed ordinary

  • The screens are using multiple layers

  • Access data directly not via a DDT

  • I have a communication error, this error seems to be relatively unique and I will open a different topic for this.
    There is communication in both directions but I do get a system alarm “communication error”

What is the good practice to start debugging / troubleshooting?


Best regards

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I  would look at the GOT diagnostics first from GT designer


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